About Us

Prosper Clinic is headed by Dr. Matthew Roller D.C. A Chiropractic Physician.

While going through school Dr. Roller quickly noticed there was something different about him. Teachers complained about his behaviors to his parents. He was able to see patterns where others could not, he would intuitively solve problems where others had to use methodical methods to solve them. When sitting in church other people on the bench would complain about the leg bouncing. Sitting still in a classroom was agonizing, reading an entire book for a book report was almost out of the question. Complex systems and processes came easily. You see, Dr. Roller has ADHD, and is EXTREMELY grateful for this gift! If some of these symptoms sound familiar you may have it as well.

ADHD or simply ADD is not a handicap, it is a gift, a wonderful gift that once unwrapped opens up great abilities, even as Dr. Roller would say --Superpowers--.

About Prosper Clinic

Prosper Clinic was founded in 2012 with the specific focus of the natural treatment of ADHD.

Our mission is the help every child, and adult to unwrap the fantastic gifts that lie hidden inside.

Our method is fourfold

1. Lifestyle counseling - There are certain adaptations that we must make in our lives to do simple things like showing up on time, remembering we needed to show up in the first place, find our keys, and most importantly now letting down those around us that we make promises to.

2. ADHD Specific Chiropractic Care - By removing interference in the nervous system it is able to function better.

3. Movement, and Other Therapies- Using Neurologically Integrated Movements(NIMS) we are able to strengthen the pathways in the brain and spinal cord to increase function. We incorporate Interactive metronome therapy, and Integrated listening system music therapy, Learning Breakthrough program, and computer driven cognitive exercises.

4. Nutritional Counseling- We learn what foods to avoid and what foods we need and supplementation that improves the brain function.

Billing and Fees


Prosper clinic does not accept insurance, we work directly with our patients.

Initial Evaluation Visit

Evaluation and testing includes the detailed intake, exam and computerized testing to determine if you have ADHD/ADD and would be a good candidate for care, and a followup visit where the results and care plan discussed. This evaluation will help determine if you have ADHD, but more importantly it will give us the information needed to determine how to treat your unique condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you work with?

We see patrons starting at 4 years of age and go up to 60.

Are you a preferred provider with my insurance?

No, we have elected not to contract with insurance companies because it makes it impossible to give you the care and level of service that we provide.

Is the Prosper Clinic fee covered by my health insurance?

Usually no, this is an agreement between you and your insurance plan. We do not bill insurance.

How do I get an appointment?

Call 801-307-2770 or send a message on the contact us page.