Preparing for your first ADHD visit.

Parents- Please prepare the child in advance and let them know they will be playing a computer game.

We ask that the intake of caffeine and nicotine on the morning of the appointment be limited, but do not require them to go "cold turkey" since abrupt withdrawal adversely affects testing performance.

If they are taking long acting substances that affect the brain, like antidepressants and anticonvulsants, they are advised to continue to take these medications as usual, and we take the probable effects into account when we interpret their test performance.

If they are taking psychoactive medication for ADHD, we ask them to not take their morning dose but to bring it with them, and we arrange for an appointment early in the day.

After an introduction, we conduct a baseline (no psychostimulant) computerized test unless we already have one that is less than four months old. If they are taking a psychostimulant for ADHD and, as instructed, have not taken their morning dose, we have them take their morning dose immediately after testing.